Starkey Hot Springs Bottled Water

Starkey Hot Springs Bottled Water: 2 miles deep/11,000 years underground. The back label reads as follows: “Starkey Springs rises from 2 miles deep through fractures and fissures in the Imnaha Basalt where its purity has been protected for 11,000 years. It gushes forth as a single-source geothermal spring in the Idaho mountains, with beneficial minerals, a gently alkaline pH, and a silky smooth taste. DEEP DOWN GOOD.” Creed Noah Real Estate Company is privileged to have had the opportunity to work with previous owner and great friends, ;Evelyn Snider and her son Brian and new owners, the wonderful folks at Allegro Coffee Company, a subsidiary of Whole Foods, in the transfer of ownership of Starkey Hot Springs. Congratulations to Jeff Teter, Guenter de Vincent and everyone at Allegro for your vision, integrity and NOW for being up and bottling! Cheers!